Lewis Hamilton Looks Set To Leave McLaren


Lewis HamiltonAll season long Lewis Hamilton’s future within the McLaren team has been debated. With his contract coming to its conclusion at the end of this season, Hamilton has been linked with almost every leading car on the podium.

It seems like Ferrari don’t want to damage their relationship with their current lead driver Fernando Alonso by replicating the partnership the Spaniard and Brit had in 2007 at McLaren. Whilst Red Bull have just secured Mark Webber to a new contract and won’t be parting company with the current double winning world champion Sebastian Vettel anytime soon too.

It’s at Ross Brawn’s Mercedes where Hamilton looks set to take his place next year. This all came to a head at the Belgian Grand Prix last week when Bernie Ecclestone revealed that Michael Schumacher would be leaving his seat next year.

Of course this has still yet to be confirmed by the German but would make perfect sense. If this does manifest itself then Hamilton, according to the BBC F1 analyst Eddie Jordan, will replace him.

“I believe Hamilton and Mercedes have already agreed personal terms and a deal could be imminent,” Jordan said.”Some weeks ago I said on TV that I felt Lewis was on the move and I had an idea at the time he had been speaking to Ferrari, which we now know is true.”

“But I can now confirm his people have had meeting with Mercedes. So it would appear Michael is leaving and Lewis is arriving at Mercedes,” continued the Irishman.

McLaren have already confirmed that they can’t offer the former World Champion the same deal he currently possesses due to the global financial crisis and other factors, including that of the driver’s management seem to placate his arrival at a new team.

Whatever happens Hamilton’s current fortunes of the track won’t differ until his future his sorted out and his mind is left to focus on racing.


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