New Age Ratings for Video Games


age ratingsIt has been announced that video games will be getting a new age ratings system that will make it easier for parents understand.

In an interview with the BBC, Creative Industries Minister Ed Vaizey said: “It will give parents greater confidence that their children can only get suitable games while we are creating a simpler system for industry having their game age-rated.”

“We are also in the planning stages of a major awareness campaign to help the public understand the system and other aspects of responsible gaming as soon as Pegi become law in the UK,” Ukie chief executive Jo Twist said.

So yet again the government is coming down hard on gamers, just as we thought they were starting to be more understanding.

This new system is just going to mean that kids will go to other people to get their games, let’s face it; we all know that parents buy their children games that they are too young for, and this won’t stop that.

I think we all know the kind of games they are trying to stop being sold to underage children; the likes of call of duty, grand theft auto etc., and those games that supposedly make children go out and want to break the law.

If this actually happened I think we would be blaming the parents for getting the game in the first place, rather than an influential child. Video game manufacturers go out of their way to make sure these games get as much publicity as possible, so it’s completely understandable that everyone wants a copy. And with the pressure kids get put under in a school-like situation, they almost have no choice but to get these ‘violent’ games.

The only way the government will stop children getting their hands on these games is to completely outlaw every game except something like, ‘my little pony,’ although I’m sure they would find some violent aspect to that.

So what’s next for the government to crack down on? Movies? TV shows?

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