A new Terraria, or a Terraria sequel?


arctic-1A new game is in the works by Terraria developer Finn Brice, also known as @Tiyuri on twitter. Tiyuri’s new game is, as you can see, very reminiscent of Terraria, to the point some might consider it a Terraria sequel, although he assures us that the Terraria staff are okay with his project. This implies, but is no guarantee, that the game is being made “independently” of Re-Logic. If you don’t know what Terraria is, I think you’re quite mad, as it’s one of those games that’s right up there in popularity along with Minecraft.

Tiyuri has assured us that while the games may have a similar appearance to each other, his project will have a completely different gameplay experience. Looking at the above image, I already have high expectations. Penguins, snowmen, cyborgs and spacemen. A weird combination that sounds no less than epic heck, one could argue that all it needs now is zombies; then again, zombies have been done to death. I just question how many of those mobs are actually NPC’s though, (The screenshots below show us the spaceman is a player) and I must admit, the aurora borealis really tops off the scene… After I figured out how to spell it properly at least.

One of the sneaky screenshots we’ve been teased with is one of some kind of cave or chasm, intended to demonstrate the dynamic real-time lighting within the engine, after you stop analysing the rest of the image for any more noticeable changes. Quite a number of other, older, screenshots have been discovered, to which my first impression is the UI isn’t as attractive on the latest screenshot (the dynamic lighting one) as it is on one of a couple of the older ones. The curved health bar just looks so much slicker!

Whatever this new game is going to be, there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s going to be much a spiritual successor to Terraria, even if the story and gameplay is a bit different to that of Terraria’s.



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  1. This game isn’t related to terraria at all. They are very different, and Tiy is working with a team of 5-10 people, and redigit is not included.
    Tiy isn’t JUST a Terraria guy, and he isn’t JUST a spriter. See Hedgewars.

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