The wait is over! 2019 BMW M850i to arrive in December


2019 BMW 8-Series priced at a healthy amount of $112,895 will be available for the dealers by the end of this year.

BMW recently announced the arrival timing and pricing for its brand new 2019 BMW 8-Series. According to the announcement, the new line of 2019 BMW 8-Series will be topped with the introduction of BMW M850i xDrive which will hit the US markets on December 8th. Priced at a healthy starting sum of $112,895, the new 2019 BMW 8-Series will face a kickstart with the launch of line topping BMW M850i xDrive in December, after which dealers will be able to access it.

The complex alpha-numeric combination of the model name may sound mind-boggling to the audience but each of these alphabets and numbers carries a good deal of significance in the BMW lingo. Explaining it, the M in BMW M850i xDrive represents that the car is expected to be a conglomerate of several high-end systems and parts sourced from the highly-functional and cutting-edge M division of the brand. The drawback to this representation is that BMW M850i xDrive will not have the full-scale features of the said division which would otherwise make the BMW M850i xDrive more powerful and offer even better handling. Naming the M-labeled features, the active rollers top the list. Next to it is the Adaptive suspension which comes with adaptive dampers. Electronic M Sports rear and highly functional M-Sport Brakes finalize the M-engineered list of BMW M850i xDrive.

Talking about the 50 in the BMW M850i xDrive, it signifies the V-8 engine which is keenly bestridden in the new BMW M850i xDrive. This 4.4 liter, twin-turbocharged beast revs at a tremendous 523 hp, generating 553 pounds of torque and offers a 3.6 sec 0.60 mph time. Furthermore, the V-8 engine is hooked to an 8-speed automatic transmission sourced from the brand’s sports version. Summing it up, the x drive in BMW M850i xDrive stands for the all-wheel drive.

Talking about the rest of the standard features of the new BMW M850i xDrive, we have 4-wheel steering, laser-high beams embedded LED headlights, exclusive Merino leather upholstery sourced from BMW Individual line, latest generation of iDrive, 10.25-inch navigation and touch-screen, automatic parking system and a 12.3-inch digital panel. For audio systems, we have 16-speaker Harman Kardon Audio set in BMW M850i xDrive.

To spice up the new BMW M850i xDrive, BMW has introduces some sizzling optional additions. The BMW Driving Assistant Professional featuring pedestrian detection, emergency braking, and lane departure warnings as well as a Bowers and Wilkins Diamond Surrounded sound system are the highlights of the optional range.

The option of shifting to glass controls for gear selector will also be available for the buyers in BMW M850i xDrive. The iDrive controller, volume knob, and start/stop button are also some of the optional perks. BMW M850i xDrive will be the first full M-blown car which will be offering a carbon-fiber roof.

All of these amazing features promise an exceptional driving experience for the buyers. BMW M850i xDrive is expected to compete some top models and set new records.


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