Neoclassic fans rejoice: The Eadon Green Zeclat is a fine reminder of classic luxury


Powered by a Chevrolet LT1 V-8 engine, the new Eadon Green Zeclat is a powerful reminder that neoclassic luxury cars are still a thing to be a zealot of.

Considered as an homage to the coachbuilders of yesterdays, the new Eadon Green Zeclat is a 454-hp neoclassic designed luxury car – perfect to entertain the desires of neoclassic fans in the best way possible.

When it comes to regular reminders on the rapid flourishment of the cottage-car industry of Britan, the Goodwood Festival of Speed keeps us updated on all the recent progress and happenings taking place in the said market. The new Eadon Green Zeclat is a screaming evidence of how Britain’s cottage car industry is as well, expansive and full of fervor as it was in the past. This year, the festival’s luxury car reminder materialized in the shape of the brand new Eadon Green Zeclat. Being a Chevy V-8 powered and carbon-fiber bodied coupe, this vehicle is designed as a rugged homage to the previous century’s coachbuilders. Coachmakers such as PorTout, Chapron, Fiogni & Falaschi and others are the main focus of Eadon Green Zeclat’s homage.

Straightforwardly, the Eadon Green is believed to be searching for a look as that of a Talbot Lago which was the heroine-car of the late-1930s.

The luxury car enthusiasts who are interested in such designs enjoy the Eadon Green Zeclat because of its neoclassic design. This does not mean that the Eadon Green Zeclat encapsulates another car, despite the windshield design which resembles a parts bin item. The Eadon Green Zeclat has a 6.2-litre V-8 engine which is tuned to a revving power of 454 hp and capable of handling a torque of 465 lb. As claimed by the auto-makers, the power plant can be paired with either an 8-speed or a 7-speed automatic transmission system. This feature gives the new Zeclat takes only 3.6 seconds to reach 0-60 mph sprint power. Apart from the presence of a strikingly impressive power figure, the new Eadon Green Zeclat showcases a 50:50 weight distribution, as claimed by Eadon Green.

Speaking of the car’s interior, the Eadon Green Zeclat’s makers promise a highly modern and quite expensive driving experience. The Eadon Green Zeclat is loaded with a high-tech touchscreen infotainment system which is compatible with Android Auto as well as Apple’s CarPlay – smart features incorporated for the creation of a futuristic design of Eadon Green Zeclat.

Contrary to the inefficient aerodynamics which can be expected from a neoclassic exterior, the body of Eadon Green Zeclat is quite efficient aerodynamically. The aerodynamic efficiency aids in enhancing the stability of the vehicle cornering as well as feature high-end vents which cool the engine, brakes, and transmission.

A look at the Eadon Green Zeclat unavoidably flashes the Zimmer tagline in our minds, in context of the synonymously styled 6.0-litre V12 coupe named as Black Cuillin. Perfect for individuals who love to answer multiple questions discerning the type of vehicle they are driving in on a busy road, the new Eadon Green Zeclat is quite a treat for neoclassic zealots.

Be prepared to be around the clock ambassador of Eadon Green if you are willing to get a Zeclat for yourself.



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