Loaded with special features: The New XJ50 2018 marks Jaguar’s 50th anniversary


Preserving its custom’s, Jaguar has launched a brand new Jaguar XJ50 series to celebrate the splendor of the vehicle on its 50th anniversary.

Initially launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jaguar’s XJ series, which took place a few months ago, the new Jaguar XJ50 is loaded with special edition features to tantalize the taste of Jaguar’s ever-loyal zealots.

The auto-show held at the opulent city of Beijing was the first ever to behold the witnessing of the brand new, special edition Jaguar XJ50.  The revelation rejoiced the entering of the car series into the eighth generation of Jaguar’s vehicle making. To keep the curiosity and grandeur intact, so far only two versions of the special edition Jaguar XJ50 have been made available for buyers. To name the two for-sale versions, the Jaguar XJ50 comes in a standard and a long wheelbase version to suit the desires of Jaguar XJ50 adherents.

The new Jaguar XJ50 is more than just about homage and anniversary markings as the revelation of the new versions of Jaguar XJ50 tells quite a fascinating story in terms of engine power and performance. Jaguar XJ50 zealots, behold! The 3.0-litre diesel-engine powering the new Jaguar XJ50’s standard and long wheelbase versions. Bestridden gloriously on the new Jaguar XJ50, the 3.0-liter diesel; the engine is capable of generating a revving power of 300PS. Wondering about the transmission speed? Arouse your Jaguar XJ50 desires with the special-edition 3-liter engine mated to a slick eight-speed automatic transmission system.

Coming to its uniqueness, the special-edition it set apart from the rest of the current-generation Jaguar models because of its slick rear bumpers. The rear bumpers of Jaguar XJ50 feature an Autobiography-style. A quick look on the sleek Jaguar XJ50 wheels reveals that the Jaguar knows just about all the ways of spicing up its anniversary as it has used 20-Inch Venom wheels in its anniversary models.

Talking about the exterior design, the new Jaguar XJ50 features a black front grille. To showcase the 50th anniversary of the vehicle in complete grandeur, the new Jaguar XJ50 has badging on the vents and rear-side.

Speaking of color options, you can choose from four choices; Santorini Black, Rosello Red, Loire Blue and Fuji White.

The car interior shows special-edition cabin features such as diamond-quilted seats made from soft-grain material and an elegantly embossed leaper adds to the beauty of headrests. A look on the center armrest is quickly met with a scintillating XJ50 logo. Apart from the armrest logo and exterior badges, the Jaguar XJ50 showcases its influential value as depicted by the anniversary plates installed across the interior. With the addition of all the labels, Badges and plates the new Jaguar XJ50 is screaming for its influential value in terms of marking the 50th anniversary of the vehicle.

The anniversary-marking, special edition Jaguar XJ50 is available to be ordered from the UK markets. Perfect for stimulating your Jaguar XJ50 desires, special edition cars are just the right kind of vehicles to celebrate your Jaguar-zeal.



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