Bentley Mulsanne: A well-deserved homage to brand founder


The centenary of Bentley will be celebrated next year and preparations have already begun for it. The highlight of these preparations being the launch of a new Bentley Mulsanne having a similar design to brand founder’s personal 1930 8-Litre Bentley. Bentley Mulsanne is currently going through the designing process and will be launched next year to pay homage to Bentley’s founder, Walter Owe (W.O). This special Bentley Mulsanne is expected to be loaded with all the conventional features of founder’s personal Bentley 8 Litre and will be launched next year.

Being called as the Mulsanne W.O edition by Mulliner, this special homage car will have only 100 examples. The building of this special car will be done and looked over by the Bentley Mulliner’s personalization department. To confirm the public debut of the new Bentley Mulsanne, Bentley has already dropped the shots of the car. The brand has also made the official announcement by declaring that Bentley Mulsanne’s public appearance will be made during August 18-26, the same duration within which the 2018 Monetary Car week will be held.

There is no doubt in the fact that Mulsanne is already a very special car but the W.O edition by Mulliner will add some exponential changes in the form of unique alterations. One of the most striking alterations will be the addition of a slice of the crankshaft in the new Mulsanne W.O edition. The slice will be obtained from the original 8 Litre’s engine. The engine will be featured just below the pair of whiskey glasses, in the rear armrest.

Inspired by the luxury living of 1930’s, the interior of Mulsanne W.O edition is expected to have a striking range of dainty features. The addition of illuminated cocktail cabinet adorned with a marquetry scene will be the distinguishing 1930’s inspired luxury addition in Mulsanne W.O edition. The geometric front matrix grille and 8 liter’s headlight will be represented in the marquetry scene. Mulsanne W.O edition will also be seen carrying Beluga Leather, lambswool rugs and wood veneers crafted from Burr Walnut.

Speaking of Mulsanne W.O edition’s color, the luxury homage car will have Onyx Black color. However, the buyers will be able to alter this color upon specification. Further exclusive touches include a chrome hood strip and available chrome radiator shell and grille. To add a touch of ownership, the special Mulsanne W.O edition will have a W.O. Bentley signature badge installed on the lower bumper of the car. Apart from the ownership emblem, special centenary badges will also be installed on door tread plates and centers of leveling wheels.

Mulsanne W.O edition embodies the rich history of Bentley. It speaks for the times when brand’s founder was forced to sell his car a year after its manufacturing because of its unfortunate launch during the Great depressing which lead to stopping of the manufacturing process.

Mulsanne W.O edition looks like a well-deserved homage to Bentley’s founder because of its special features and alterations. Bentley fans will be all set to rev into this homage-paying Luxury Bentley after the commencement of deliveries which will take place in 2019.


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