The Lamborghini Aventador S: setting new performance benchmarks for the supercars


Cloaked in a disguise of a tweaked package, the new The Lamborghini Aventador S is a beastly supercar draped in elegance and improved performance in reality.

After its initial launch in, The Lamborghini Aventador S has allured the interest of many supercar lovers who were awaiting an improved Aventador vehicle. Although the supercar may look like a replicated version of the original car, a closer look at the design and specifications will pop this bubble of assumption. The big Lamborghini Aventador S has made some extraordinary leaps forward in the design and specs of the car. The manufacturer has excellently inculcated its mastery in the form of subtle design changes and updates in the car features. Both of these major changes, coupled with a number of improvements, make up for a brilliant super car which is far different than the original model, and that too, in a positive manner. Because of the tremendous modifications which have been observed in the Lamborghini Aventador S, experts claimed that this new model will instantly set new quality and standard benchmarks, and setting new benchmarks is what this model is doing.

Out of the many important improvements made in the Lamborghini Aventador S, one major improvement is the introduction of 4-wheeled steering system. According to Lamborghini experts, this features gas led to the enhancement of electronics and suspension of the car while it is on the move. The new four wheeled feature is said to be not only good for improving the turn in response at high speeds but also in enhancing the drivability of the vehicle. The key attribute which distinguishes the Lamborghini Aventador S from its predecessor is the improved agility which is obtained right after the introduction of the 4-wheel steering system. During test drives, the rear wheels of the Lamborghini Aventador S can be seen turning in opposite direction as that of the fronts under low speeds. However, the rear wheels are aligned in the same direction as that of front wheels during high speeds. The experts have claimed the use of this system good for removing half a meter from the wheelbase.

Speaking of the engine power, Lamborghini Aventador S is powered by V12 engine which has the fuel capacity of 6.5 liters. The vehicles revs at high speeds of 217mph at full throttle of the engine. The time lapse taken to cover 0-62mph is only 2.9 seconds which beats the time lapse taken by the rival models. Lamborghini Aventador S features a mighty engine which generates a beastly power of 730bhp and a torque of 690Nm.

Last but the not the least, Lamborghini Aventador S has undergone another major shift in its aerodynamics. To increase the downforce of the vehicle during high speeds, the aerodynamics has been updated. The downforce has been reported to observe an increase of 50 percent by the virtue of the new active rear wing which is capable of generating 400 percent lesser drag as compared to the previous model. Similarly, the new understeer offers exceptional grip and feel even on the most slippery tracks.

Lamborghini has truly made its way back into the race with the introduction of Aventador S. The vehicle is a clear alarm to all those who were thinking that Lamborghini was done making superc


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