Ferrari 812 Superfast: the bold vehicle is all about rarity and thrill.


With a performance as bold as its name and a design as sensible as the manufacturer, Ferrari 812 Superfast is all set to rock the world of supercar enthusiasts.

To compensate for the void left by the F12, Ferrari has revealed a brand-new and greatly improved Ferrari 812 Superfast. Without a tinge of doubt, Ferrari 812 Superfast can easily be declared as an improved replacement of the F12 because of its relentless performance and rare features.

Transcending its predecessor in terms of speed, performance, noise, comfort, control and luxury, Ferrari 812 Superfast is undoubtedly the right supercar to feed the starving supercar fandom with thrill and uniqueness. For drivers looking for a ferocious drive, Ferrari 812 Superfast is the perfect real wheel drive, front engine super car. Ferrari 812 Superfast is all about rarity in terms of features, part, design, performance and occasions. The vehicle has successfully blown the minds of various supercar testing professionals and it is all set to scintillate your collection with its tantalizing sheen.

Talking about the vehicle engine, Ferrari 812 Superfast features a mighty and unique V12 engine. With an enormous fuel capacity of 6.5 liters, the engine is capable of revving the Ferrari 812 Superfast by generating a monstrous power of 789bhp. The speed generated as a result of this magnificent engine power does not seem to come to an end until it has finally reached a far greater value of 211 mph. This mighty engine is one of the reasons as to why Ferrari 812 Superfast has made its mark a powerful, naturally aspirated motor which has been successful in making its way under the title of a production company.

Specifically designed for the road, the Ferrari 812 Superfast is not at all wanton to be a lightweight vehicle. This fact is evident from the Pirelli P-Zeros wheels which drag the car on the roads. However, to factor into the overhaul of the vehicle, a reduction of 60kg is made in the kerb weight.

Another striking improvement which has led the Ferrari 812 Superfast to transcend its predecessor is the use of the seven-speed-dual-clutch gearbox. Contrary to the F12 model, this unique gearbox features shorter gearing which provides for swift shifts of the vehicle on road.

Performance improvements aside, Ferrari 812 Superfast has undergone some major changes in its aerodynamics and chassis. The vehicle features an exclusive tech reserve owned by Ferrari and includes tools such as Side Slip Control, active aerodynamics and four-wheel steering system. All of these factors combined provide for an exceptional grip on the wet and bumpy roads. To sling shot into a traction finding frenzy ride on Ferrari 812 Superfast, all you have to do is twitch your angle and the engine will rev on full throttle.

Speaking of the noise, it is one of the most striking features of Ferrari 812 Superfast. The noise which initially starts as a gargle swiftly attains an uproarious howl as you throttle the engine at maximum power.

In conclusion, Ferrari 812 Superfast is no less than a heavenly treat for the speed and thrill lovers because of its unique and superfast functionalities.





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