2019 Mercedes AMG GT S Roadster: patching up the gap between GT models


Featuring notable performance and captivating design, the Mercedes-AMG GT S is bridging the gap between Mercedes GT Portfolio and GT S roadster.

By making a mildly surprising move, the new Mercedes-AMG GT S is realizing the expectations of Mercedes fans by keeping ahead of the GT portfolio and GT C models by the brand. Reportedly, the vehicle features the almost omnipresent V6 engine. By having a fuel capacity of 4 liters, the V8 engine is capable of generating a revving power of 515 Hp. This value is a healthy moderation which balances out the 496 hp and 559 hp of the GT portfolio and GT C roadster respectively. A top-quality 7-speed dual-clutch automatically transmits the engine power effectively into the rear wheels of the Mercedes-AMG GT S.

Although the Mercedes-AMG GT S may seem closer to the GTC model in terms to horsepower generation, the vehicle is claimed to be more like the GT portfolio when it comes to the droptop positioning- which is closer to the GT portfolio as compared to the GT C.According to the claims made by the manufacturer, Mercedes-AMG GT S is capable of reaching a 0 to 30 mph acceleration in only 4.7 seconds. The time lapse may seem greater than the new models but when it comes to a comparison between the GT, GT C, and Mercedes-AMG GT S, the vehicle wins the battle from the GT portfolio but loses from the GT C. Mercedes-AMG GT S has only 3.7 seconds of time-lapse and a top speed of 192 mph as compared to the 3.9 seconds and 188 mph of the GT portfolio. However, the vehicle is slower than GT C which has a time lapse of 3.6 seconds and a top speed reaching up to 196 mph.

Speaking of similarities, the new Mercedes-AMG GT S has adopted the adaptive dampers and the rear differential which can be electronically controlled from the GTC model. GT lacks both of these features. Among the other improvements which can be found in new Mercedes-AMG GT S is an upgraded braking system, top-class 20-inch rear wheels, and addition of the Race setting in the driving mode selector.

Talking about the discrepancies, the new Mercedes-AMG GT S does not enjoy the performance of the rear wheel steering and wider body which are featured in GT C and roadster respectively. This feature is shared by both, the GTC and roadster with the GT R coupe but not with the new Mercedes-AMG GT S.  Contrary to the 79.0 inches wide body of GT C and GT R, the Mercedes-AMG GT S  features a shorter 76.3 inches wide body, similar to the GT model.

The new Mercedes-AMG GT S is not yet available for purchase in the market. Mercedes will soon launch it in the market for sale in July after which dealers will be able to sell it in other parts of this world. Hitting the markets in 2018, the new Mercedes-AMG GT S has a price which is expected to start from $145, 000. However, the actual price will be announced near the launch.

So buckle up to ride on this balanced vehicle to embark on a frenzied lapse around the tracks!



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