2019 Aston Martin DB11 Volante is all about style


With its head chopped off, the highly anticipated convertible, Aston Martin DB11 is the prettiest car to feast your eyes on.

Cutting away something’s head may sound like a gruesome idea but this is not the case with the upcoming Aston Martin DB11. You may have seen some very clement convertibles but Aston Martin DB11 beats them all with its elegant coupe and beautiful design. As it can be seen in some initial pictures released by the manufacturer, our idea of making an exception out of Aston Martin DB11 in regards to a well-rounded beauty and elegance. Whether you are viewing it from the front or from the inclined door sides, the upcoming Aston Martin DB11 is a sweet treat for sore eyes.

The intention to create a new version of Volante is not a surprise since Aston has always used the name Volante for its most jaw-dropping models dating back to 1965. The element of surprise can easily be found in Aston’s decision of using an AMG-originated V8 engine instead of its own V12 twin-turbocharger. This unexpected modification has raised a lot of eyebrows out of curiosity regarding the grounds upon which the decision was made. Speaking of performance, the new twin-turbocharged V8 engine is a brilliant engine and works amazingly in the Aston Martin DB11. However, it is also being speculated that the buyer’s who would be interested in purchasing the new Aston Martin DB11 would also like to opt for the Aston’s very own V12 engine rather than the V8. Despite these concerns, Aston has straightforwardly ousted any chances of introducing a bigger engine in the new Aston Martin DB11 in the near future. However, the chances of observing a change in plans are still prevalent if the potential buyers raise considerable voice on the issue.

By bringing the option of V12 and V8 along with it, the new Aston Martin DB11 will successfully be replacing the former, ever-charming DB9. One of the major improvements which are reported to be seen in the new Aston Martin DB11 is a spacious cope and comparatively an expansive cabin. The DB9 had rather a pesky cabin which the drivers and passengers did not like much. Exceptional architecture which has been used to build the coupe as well as the car design not only provides room for passengers but also more stiffness than the predecessor.

However, the functionalities of both these models are fairly identical. The new Aston Martin DB11 features the same power and torque marking as that of the DB9. The V8 engine is beautifully bestridden within the car and generates a revving speed of 504 hp which can steer the car at a speed of 187 mph. Reportedly Aston’s Volante line is fairly straightforward and comprises upon simple designs. Rear wheel receives the torque which is directed towards them by virtue of the 8-speed automatic gearbox. Control arms in front function together with the multilink setup at the rear to maintain the suspension.

Offering Sport, Sport plus and GT adaptive dampers Aston Martin DB11 is surely a herald of a new era for Astone’s Volante line.





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