Side Cameras and improved range- Get ready for the new Audi e-Tron


Concept car designers have long been taking advantage of the trick of using side mirrors in their supercar designs to add a stroke of futurism in their designs. There is no doubt in the fact that the use of side cameras instead of side mirrors is one of the latest modern trends to be incorporated in the upcoming supercar designs. By participating in this mania, Audi has disclosed that its new eTron model will be incorporating the use of side cameras as a discretionary bonus. The car will feature the optional use of side mirrors or side cameras depending upon driver’s taste and preferences.


Scheduled to debut in later months of this year, Audi’s latest e-Tron features an SUV form. It is anticipated to give a good deal of competition to the corresponding Tesla Model X and Jaguar’s SUV shaped supercar models. A lot of news and updates have been reported about Audi’s e-Tron- about what it will be offering, the innovations, and the functionalities. According to latest data, e-Tron will be featuring a revving engine power of 500h, a powerful torque of 800 Nm and a combating ranging extending up to 310 miles. In recent news, Audi is working on enhancing the aerodynamic efficiency of the upcoming e-Tron which will make the supercar compliant with current-age standards.

It is a universally known fact that irrespective of the car type, drag plays an important factor in the shifting the efficiency of cars. Whether it is a conventional combustion car or an electrically powered car, reducing the drag is the key to increase its range. The initial testing is being conducted on the prototype’s aeroacoustics test rig in Ingolstadt’s Wind Tunnel Center, a place where roughly 1000 testing hours have been conducted by Audi.

According to the results observed in testing, a drag coefficient of a mere 0.28 is shown. When compared to the Tesla Model X and the recent Audi Q7 which offer a drag of 0.24 and 0.33 respectively, the e-Tron has managed to give a strong competition to both of these models. As claimed by Audi, e-Tron offers drag coefficient which is 0.07 percent less than a conventionally powered vehicle in comparison. An increase in range by a value of 32 kilometers, (21.7 miles) per battery charge is achieved as an equated result.

To attain this improved range, a number of features play a mutual role. The dimples located on the underbody and the virtual exterior mirrors play key roles. The first to be used mirrors on a volume-production model are responsible for reducing vehicle’s width by 15 cm, drag, and wind noise. The images obtained will be displayed between the door and instrument panel on OLED displays.

A standard adaptive air suspension is another major technical highlight which is expected to be seen in the new Audi e-Tron. The body of the supercar body is capable of lowering up to 1.0 inch (26 mm) when it is driven at speeds higher than120 km/h (74.6 mph). Furthermore, the top-notch cool-air inlet situated behind the grille helps in reduction of drag and the flat underbelly ensures air flows smoothly around the edges.

Considering these improvements in the new e-Tron Model, we cannot help ourselves from wondering about the thrill and class this model will be offering in a few months.


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