McLaren IPO might be on the cards


It seems that everyone is jumping on the IPO bandwagon. First we saw, with great success, Ferrari in 2014. We reported earlier in the month that Aston Martin are considering it and now Mike Flewitt, CEO of McLaren has talked about why an IPO would be a good idea for McLaren. In the interview with the UK’s Times newspaper he stated “The more successful we become, the more attractive we become to people who want to invest”

Ferrari has shown the way with its share price increasing by 62 percent since 2014 and McLaren’s success of late make it a prime time to consider this. McLaren has increased its sales year on year with 3286 units sold in 2016 and if the early part of 2017 is to go by it will surpass this in 2017.

At the moment, the North American market is McLarens biggest market, which accounts for about a third of its and Europe coming in close second but they are expecting Asian markets to be the next big growth area.

Will a McLaren IPO work who knows, but I would say it would be a good punt if the Ferrari offering is anything to go by.


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