Tesla Model EXP concept


Another Concept design has been release to the internet this week. This time Spanish automotive designer, Xabier Albizu, has produced a seriously in-depth concept of what he believes to be the ultimate Tesla sports car.

The Tesla Model EXP concept does not just cover the aesthetics but goes in the fine details of the aerodynamics, powertrain & technology of the EXP concept electric supercar. Not only has the designer, Xabier Albizu, produced a stunning design but it also pulls features and cues from existing Tesla models.

The aerodynamics are designed in a way to utilise airflow to cool the powertrain and batteries. Acording to Xabier Albizu

“The air flow helps at both, keeping powertrain and batteries cooled and creating the necessary down-force for great handling”

This feature is also detailed in the concept release


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