Porsche-Designed Superyacht


Monaco-based yacht builder Dynamiq has announced a new range of Porsche Superyachts which have been styled using classic Porsche designs. With a limited run of 7 and a £10M price tag, there will be no shortage of buyers lining up for this exquisite yacht.

At the moment only concept images have been released of this beautiful 115-foot (35m) ‘GTT 115’ Hybrid vessel. But work is in progress to get the first demonstrator is being built which is expected later this year at the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show.

And according to Dyanmiq CEO Sergei Dobroserdov, the yacht is designed for people who are downsizing from the ‘hassle’ of a bigger super-yacht.

‘Our target clients might include those who are looking to downsize from larger 50- or 60- metre yachts,’ Mr Dobroserdov said.
‘They are already accustomed to the highest standards, but are ready to leave behind the hassle and huge costs of owning large vessels so they can enjoy the fun side of yacht ownership.’

If the £10million price is too much for you then they are also building Two smaller versions– a 100-foot (30m) and 85-foot (26m) model – but expect to get the comments all Boxster drivers get ‘oh you could not afford the 911 then.

The ‘GTT 115’ Hybrid is a collaboration between from boat-building firm Vripack and Studio F.A. Porsche – a design firm responsible for creating Porsche sunglasses, watches and expensive one-off memorabilia.


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