Latest Porsche 911 GT3 does the Nurburgring in 7 Minutes and 12.7 Seconds


The tittle already held by the 911 GT3 has just had 12.3 seconds shaved off it by its replacement. Porsche took the new 911 GT3 along with its test driver Lars Kern, the famous Nordschleife circuit and proved the car has the pedigree to keep up with the big boys.

According to Porsche the test conditions of eight degrees Celsius (46.4 F) in the air and 14 (57.2 F) on the asphalt, were “ideal for racing,” and the car was stock and in road-approved condition albeit with a few expensive optional extras.

The car was equipped with Porsches famous PDK gearbox on Michelin Sport Cup 2 N1 tires, along with a carbon-ceramic braking system. The time was marshalled, so nobody could complain and along with the onboard dash cam helps Porsche keeps its crown.

Onboard from Porsche AG on Vimeo.


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