Honda building an $124 million wind tunnel in Ohio


The car world is changing and Honda is building a new $124 million-pound wind tunnel to ensure its future cars like the NSX and future S2000 successor stay at the front of field for aerodynamics. The new wind tunnel is being built at its Transportation Research Centre in Ohio, which is where Honda’s NSX proving grounds are located

Its main feature is an interchangeable belt system, which will allow the new wind tunnel to test both production cars and vehicles for the automaker’s various motorsports divisions. The five-belt rolling road system will be used to test its road cars and a single belt will be used to test its sports car. Cars will be able to test up to speeds of 192mph.

The facility is being built with the ability to rent out sections to other manufacturers and tuners who will have a dedicated secure area to test.

Building of the new facility is expected to start later in the year with it expected go-live date in 2020.


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