Fisker Emotion for August 2017


Henrik Fisker has announced that the new Fisker Emotion will launch this august and more importantly will have a range of 400 miles from its electric engine. In the announcement, we also got to see some new images of the new Fisker Emotion.

The new car designed by Henrik Fisker will incorporate its innovative graphene battery technology developed by Fisker Nanotech, Fisker Inc’s sister company and battery division. The company claims the “graphene technology will enable longer range, faster charging times and longer battery life”.

The new Emotion will be the first of two cars developed by Fisker inc is aimed at the high end market utilising racing technologies with its carbon fibre and aluminium structure. The building of the car has been outsourced to VLF(partly owned by Fisker).

Fisker is also including smart technology in the new car enabling it to combine the use of autonomous driving modes (seen as the future of the car)

Second model to follow

Aimed at the mass market Fisker is also adding a cheaper high production model again outsourced building done by as yet unknown car company. Fisker said in an interview with autocar “Production for that will be handled by an established car maker, because the established car brands have really mastered high-volume, high-quality car production.”

Look out Tesla the rest of the motoring industry is on your tails.


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