Underrated Indie Bands – The Legend of Trock


What epitomises Britain? Tea, scones, posh accents, and most importantly, Doctor Who.

Combine the remarkable adoration for the Time Lord and co. with a group of musical Youtube sensations, and you will find Chameleon Circuit. Charlie McDonell (charlieissocoollike), Alex Day (nerimon), Liam Dryden (littleradge), Ed  Blann (eddplant) and their producer Michael Aranda (michaelaranda) combined their love for the British TV series with their musical prowess in order to create an overwhelmingly popular indie band.

Their self titled initial album was released in 2009 including contributions from former band member (2008-2009) Chris Beattie. Chameleon Circuit was the breakthrough of the concept of Legend of Trock the abbreviation of Time Lord Rock, which was inspired by the formation of many bands that arose from the fandom of Harry Potter, giving Alex Day the brainwave for the original genre. Although I myself was not as much of an avid follower of Doctor Who as many of the other fans, I still grew extremely fond of the catchy songs produced by the band and was reassured by the fact that despite some links to story lines and plots, Chameleon Circuit was predominantly a decent band to listen to, no matter what level of awareness of the show you had. To be honest it was listening to the album that sparked me to begin watching once more. After borrowing an extensive amount of DVDs of varying series numbers, I was now aware of what exactly the songs I was singing along to were talking about, and I felt far more of an attachment to them having developed further understanding, the pair being so well linked.

January 2011 brought the arrival of Ed Blann to the band, and the official announcement that Christ Beattie was no longer a member. They also released their official second album title, a quote from the regeneration of the 11th Doctor “Still Got Legs”. This second album was much anticipated by all fans of the previous album, with a small gig on the completion of their work being performed at Red Bull’s London studio before it’s official release. The album charted at number 23 when released to be bought publicly.

The only slight hitch for this second release was the shocking experience of losing their producer after he was not allowed passage into England after a trip to France, meaning their process was put on hold as they made a desperate attempt to petition online to bring him back. I, along with so many others was instantly willing to sign. Having kept up to date with videos made by the band members on their youtube channels, most fans were aware of the situation and eager to come to their aid. The power of Youtube pulled through, and Michael was allowed back into England for the consolidation of production.

So, what did we learn in this article? Youtube can do anything, even overrule the French border officials, and if Chameleon Circuit are not on your favourite playlists yet, they should be!


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